Winner of the Gershwin competition. Award by the Russian Cultural Center

Ivan Gusev, piano

Ivan Gusev, a young russian pianist, recieved the First prize in the Gershwin International music competition  as well as a special complimentary prize by the Russian Cultural Center of New York: concert participation at Carnegie Hall in January, 2018.

The closing ceremony  of the Gershwin International music competition and winners concert took place in Baruch Peformance art Center in New York on November 5, 2017.


Ivan Gusev, Mikhail Kapchits and Mikhail Bulychev-Okser (Founder of the Competition) after the closing ceremony

Ivan Gusev after his performance

Russian center supports Gershwin competition

Russian Cultural Center of New York is happy to become a parner and sponsor of
Gershwin International Music competition,
taking place October 26 – November 5, 2017 in New York

Over 100 talanted musicians in four categories (piano, strings , wind & brass and vocal art) from all over the world will perform and contest during 3 rounds of the Competition.

The Russian Center of the Russian Culture will award winners with both money and performance prizes giving them an opportunity to participate in the Christmas concert at Carnegie Hall in January 2018.

Video presentation of the Russian Cultural center

Dear friends!
We thank all our guests for supporting an idea of creation of the Center of the Russian culture in New York ! New interesting cultural events will come soon! Keep updated!

Please watch a short video presentation below.

Memories from the Presentation on June 22 at the 3 West Club

Dear friends,

Our first Presentation at the 3 West Club on June 22 is now over.

We thank all our guests for their coming  and support of our idea , as well as our artists

Michael Bulychev-Okser, Adrian Daurov, Sergey Tkachenko, Vladimir Rodov, Svetlata Gaskova and the actors of the Russian-anerican theater under the direction of Lev Shekhtman for their wonderful performance !

See some pictures from this event displayed below